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Jan 07 2011

5 Things in Sports That Mean More to Us Than They Should

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As a child you’re taught many of the right things in sports.  What I mean is you learn the values of fair play, sportsmanship, hard work, comradery, and all the other “good stuff” about sports.    As a child you learn to appreciate how amazing professional athletes are.  You idolize them.  And the reason you do is because you know nothing about them except for their performance on the field.

And that’s exactly how it should be.  But unfortunately we don’t live in that world.  As we get older we see the truer and more business side of sports.  Frankly, the kind of stuff we should be ignoring.   It’s just too bad that’s really hard to do as it’s in our face 24/7.

There are five things in particular that I think we make way too big a deal of in sports…..

Contract Extensions, Trades, Etc etc.

Basically the entire world of the offseason is pretty annoying.  It’s gotten considerably worse this year in baseball.  Frankly it’s getting a little gross how many Major Leaguers are being paid over $20MM a season.  I can understand how having a new player will impact a fan.  That I get.  But that we give so much attention to the amounts these guys make, the process of it all.  Hell just the fact that a player would be quoted as saying “I was uncomfortable with the treatment I received.”  I mean really?  We care about this stuff enough to get a headline?  How about we just say “Jeter signs with the Yankees” and leave it at that.  It’d be nice if we had no clue what these guys made at all.  I’m tired of hearing about this stuff.

Personal Lives of Athletes

Jesus Christ can we just stop the twittering please? If I see one more headline about a player tweeting something I might puke.  Who gives a shit what Chris Bosh ate for lunch today?  Yet millions of people are avidly following athlete accounts on Twitter.  Do they follow your Twitter account?  Do they care about you?

Brett Favre

I think this might be the first season where people are accepting the fact this this whole thing is just getting a little old.  What’s sad is that should have been at least five years ago.  Let’s just give it a rest on Favre.  Guy was a great player, hall of famer who clearly screwed up by being an attention whore and penis picture shower.

When a Player Leaves a team to join a new one

I only bring this up because of the Lebron thing.  Do I think he handled it wrong?  Of course.  Do I think that Cleveland should be pissed?  Sure.  But all in all if you look at this story from an objective point of view.  What really happened here?  A player chose to go to another team and make a lot of money.  This happens every single day in the job world and we don’t make a big stink about it.  Sure I think James is a douche but come on people.  You’d have done the same thing.  I don’t think we should be holding on to it for this long.


I think this goes without saying but preseason might be the most meaningless thing in all of professional sports.

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  • Dwel

    Contract Extensions, Trades, Etc etc.

    They make way to much money for the lil bit a BS that they do, unless they win then it is partially justified.

    Personal Lives of Athletes

    I couldn’t care less if I were paid too. Most of them are dumber than the shoes they tie on their feet. Its the media that thinks we care. Bottom line: play and stfu.

    Brett Favre

    Let it die.

    When a Player Leaves a team to join a new one

    The only thing he cares about is whether or not you talked bout his momma. Obviously he doesn’t care about championships as was evident from his boy scout retreat in Cleveland. Why should we care about him.


    Is pointless. Just add the games to the regular season, so they count and so they actually play the people we are paying to watch.



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