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Jan 04 2011

Five “Adventure” Activities Every Guy Should Try

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It’s funny because I’m not old enough to have a mid life crisis but I am young enough to realizing that the key to happiness sure as hell isn’t sitting in an office all day.  Sure you can work hard at a young age to get the things you want at an older age.  But what about being able to do the things you should be doing while you are in that young age?

I guess it’s a little bit of chicken and egg.  All I know is that I’d like to make a little more effort in my life into doing some cool stuff.  It doesn’t have to be taking a trip around the world.  But perhaps a little excitement is in order.

Here are five “adventure” activities every guy should try….

Rock Climbing

Whether it’s a real rock you are climbing or one of those man made things in a huge gym, it’s pretty awesome to do.   Obviously I think that doing the real thing would bring more of an adrenaline rush.  Think about being 1000s of feet up there dangling by just a rope.  Seems pretty lively to me.  Maybe not safe, but lively.

White Water Rafting

I’ve never done this but every single person I’ve talked to has attested to how awesome it is.  I imagine it would be very sickness inducing because of all the bumpiness but man, what a rush if you don’t get nauseous by these kinds of things.  I’d love to take a weekend to do this.


I’ve done parasailing and loved it.  Sure I’m not exactly jumping out of a plane here but I do know what it feels like to be high in the sky.  Granted I’m sure skydiving is a hell of a lot more intense, I’d love to have the balls to jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet.

Go on a Safari

It’s one thing to see a lion in a zoo.  It’s another to look at one in its natural habitat.  This is a must do for me at some point.

Racetrack Driving

Have you ever driven a car to 160 miles per hour?  I haven’t.  But how awesome would it be to race your buddies NASCAR style?

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