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Dec 31 2010

5 Unspoken Blogger Etiquette Rules

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When you have a website that starts to grow you get lots of emails.  In fact you see the kinds of emails you used to send back when your site first began.  In the beginning of growing a site you tend to research a ton.  You look into ways of increasing traffic, social networking, the whole lot.

And while everyone is seeking riches in the first month it just doesn’t work that way.  No matter what you say or do it takes time.  And in my eyes, it also takes a lot of fair play.

Here are five unspoken blogger etiquette rules….

Pictures are Fair Game unless Original

EVERYONE has seen this pic

Just the other day someone bitched at me that I stole pictures off their site of attractive females.  I nearly soiled myself I was laughing so hard.  It’s one thing to take an original picture and post it on your site.  It’s another when it’s a hot chick gallery that’s been seen on 100 sites and no one knows where the hell those pictures come from.  Always cite your sources when you know it’s original content but for God’s sake don’t take credit for pictures that have been recycled time and time again.    Oh yes, and always take pictures down if the original source emails you.  It’s just the right thing to do.

Don’t ever steal editorial content unless linking to it or using a small amount as a quote while sourcing

The only time I ever take a piece of copy from a site is if I’m quoting them or I know I’m using it in a link.  Stealing paragraphs upon paragraphs and passing them off as your own work is flat out dirty and should not be practiced.

Marketing – Never submit more than once a day to someone

Ever send out a daily email that notifies some of your colleague sites of new posts you put up that day?  Do NOT bother people with this stuff.  Once a day is more than adequate.  Hell I only do it twice a week and if someone requests that they stop being notified then for Christ’s sake do no notify them.  I am only in contact with people whose permission I have.

Relax on the Commenting i.e. spamming

Many new bloggers think the way to get backlinks and attention of authors is to comment relentlessly on other sites.  Wrong.  One solid comment a day could earn some attention.  But spamming sites with “Great post!” or “Job well done!” with your signature attached will get you nowhere.

If you Think You Shouldn’t Then Don’t

This is a general statement but it’s about the biggest truth I can share with you.  The bottom line is that if you are even questioning any methods of marketing or content creation then don’t even bother until you’ve consulted with others on it.  You don’t want to jeopardize your site or your readers.

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  • http://www.socialhype.com Maurice

    “well done!”

    haha, no seriously this is so true!! many people don’t realize that commenting sections have a built in “no-follow” script for URLs… they just waste their time spamming your site… i actually block thier IPs



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