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Dec 31 2010

A Collection of “Sexy” TSA Maneuvers

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Sure maybe this has been said before but I still think it’s funny.   Should “TSA” be nicknamed “T and A?”  I think it’s a pretty safe assumption.  I mean yeah we need to be secure and all but it’s pretty evident that the “new” methods of searching people prior to boarding a plan have gotten a little invasive.

And I think the term “a little” is being quite generous.   Here’s the proof……

Kind of makes me wish I worked for Homeland Security.

More TSA Invasions

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  • Batman

    So, there should be no screening? If all areas of the body are not checked, then guess what, people will start hiding explosives in those areas. It’s not rocket science.

    You Yanks need to make up your minds when it comes to securing your country. Nothing is ever good enough for you guys… gotta be complaining about something at all times. Does these officers really offend you? I mean, be honest. Does it REALLY bother you that they pat you down a little more invasive than before? Does it scar you for life? Or, do you forget about it 5 seconds after you leave the area? I’m quite confident it’s the ladder of the two, so just quit being whiny babies. This has become the (lamest) most talked about story of the year and it’s pathetic.

    You ever been to a club? Probably not, but they pat you down much more heavily than these guys. I get my balls cupped and everything. But guess what, I don’t cry about it. At least I now know that Leroy won’t be bringing a gun into the club right behind me.

    You’ll be thanking these guys when they find explosives attached to Abdul’s boobs on the flight you were boarding, won’t you.

  • Neosopheus

    Does anyone else find it disturbing that TSA is treating everyday, law abiding citizens like terrorists? It seems like they could give regular travelers some kind of special pass after they have been background checked and verified not to be associated with terrorists. Oh wait, that would make too much sense…

  • Rob

    I wouldn’t mind these screenings at all. I really wouldn’t. If I knew that it was actually protecting us. But when someone accidentally leaves two 12 inch blades in their carry-on and nobody notices, it makes me feel like the screenings are useless.


  • Jeff Buske

    The general us of x-rays for general security is a huge cancer health risk, particularly for expecting mothers, children and people with certain genetic defects.
    Bring back common sense, metal detectors, puffers and dogs. The x-ray machines are far too dangerous for general security. Questions or want a free detailed report regarding the use of radiation for security. Rocky Flats Gear original USA mfg of airport radiation protective garments.



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