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Dec 28 2010

Five Internet Predictions for the Next 20 Years

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Forty years after it was invented, the Internet is still just a baby.  However, now it’s under the weight of cyber attacks,  tons of multimedia content and new mobile applications.  As we speak,  U.S. computer scientists are re-thinking every aspect of the Internet’s architecture, from IP addresses to routing tables to overall Internet security.

There are many views about how to fix the Internet’s architecture, but there’s widespread agreement about many aspects of the future Internet.

Here are five I happen to think will be truth within 20 years….

Online Advertising Revenue will supplant Television Advertising revenue

I’ve been saying this for a long time now and it’s coming.  The more video we put on the internet the more advertising dollars that are going to move from the television to your computer.  Think about how blind advertising is with commercials on TV.  Sure you can target a demographic during a football game but you really can’t do much past that.  With the internet you can track clicks, how long people watch a video, and about 6000 other metrics.  It’s just a much more viable place to advertise because of newer and improved tracking capabilities.

Cell Phone Internet Use will go Up at least 10 times compared to now

People are already using the internet on their iPhones like crazy.  And that’s in an era when people are bitching about how bad AT&T’s internet service sucks.  Think about when iPhones have the speed that computers have.  I mean eventually people won’t even be talking to each other. It’s gonna be one giant screen out there.

Online Bill Paying Will Take Over

If there’s on metric that says this statement will be true it’s online taxes.  The fact that so many Americans are now filing their taxes online is just one way to predict how many other financial things are going to be done online.  I know I pay all my bills (that I can ) online and 20 years from now?  I would say that at least 3 out of 4 Americans will do doing 90% or more of their bill paying online.  Listen up baby boomers.  Learn to use a computer because eventually companies won’t even allow you to use mail to pay your bills.  It’s coming.

Nearly the Entire Internet Will Be Wireless

Think wireless connection is cool now?  Wait until 2030.  Forget about it.  You won’t need a wire to do anything anymore.  And I’m pretty sure that internet surfing might be as simple. The number of mobile broadband subscribers is exploding, hitting 257 million in the second quarter of 2009, according to Informa.  This represents an 85% increase year-over year for 3G, WiMAX and other higher speed data networking technologies. Currently, Asia has the most wireless broadband subscribers, but the growth is strongest in Latin America. By 2014, Informa predicts that 2.5 billion people worldwide will subscribe to mobile broadband.  Think about it.


This is one that completely sucks but it’s true. In 2020, more hackers will be attacking the Internet because more critical infrastructure like the electric grid will be online. The Internet is already under siege, as criminals launch a rising number of Web-based attacks against end users visiting reputable sites. Symantec detected 1.6 million new malicious code threats in 2008 – more than double the 600,000 detected the previous year. Experts say these attacks will only get more targeted, more sophisticated and more widespread in the future.

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