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Dec 24 2010

A Collection of Fun Christmas Fight Videos

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I hope and trust that everyone has a lovely Christmas.  Many of you are still gone and one vacation during this time but some of you are unfortunately back in your offices.  I feel for you guys.  I really do.

Actually I don’t but whatever.  In case you’re all in a pissy mood I decided to go out and collect some videos expressing Christmas anger.  While many people enjoy the holidays, some people just get riled up.

Check out these seven fun Christmas fights…..

“That’s Mine!”


I guess licking a present is how one expresses their desire and claim for it.  This is awesome.  Is the kid on the right wearing any underwear though?  That part is a little sketchy to me.  I’m pretty sure you see his little butt at one point.

Father Son Lawn Fight on Christmas Day

What’s alarming to me is that the car is parked in the front yard.   What’s that all about?  And how about that kids bike in the beginning?  It’s really the narration that makes this video.

The Bloody Christmas Fight in LA Confidential

This is a pretty awesome scene from a pretty awesome movie.

Epic Snowball Fight

It’s pretty awesome when nearly an entire class gets into it.

Look at My Eye Dude

Minute 2:35.  This guy is absolutely amazing.

Angry Grandpa Ruins Christmas

Are these real people?  They can’t be.  This is actually really really sad to watch.

Granny Fights a Chair

This video is so lame that I had to post it.

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