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Dec 23 2010

Five Awesome “Minor” But Significant Web Browser Innovations

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I, like many of you go on my computer, open up my web browser and go to web pages of my choice without much thought to it.  After all that’s kind of how it should be right?  Just like you would use your remote to change the channels.

But there are some things out there within your web browsers that make life a hell of a lot easier that we sometimes fail to even realize.  We just think it’s part of the system but these “tiny” innovations weren’t always there.

Here are five awesome little things I love about my web browser….


I know it’s a tiny little thing but is it?  Remember life without tabs?  Remember having to reopen browsers time and time again if you wanted to have multiple URLs open?  It may seem like something minor but opening tabs is something that over the course of a day could literally save 30 minutes to an hour.

URL Autofill

There are benefits to this and there are negatives.  It’s nice to know when you’re typing in a familiar URL that the browser can complete the URL before you do.  So if you visit a site pretty often you don’t have to type in the entire address.  The negative?  Ummm, what if you look at tons of porn?  Yikes!  If someone else uses the computer they might be dipping themselves into some pretty dark waters.

“Clear History”

To combat the autofill feature there’s one function that has been one of the life savers of men across the country:  “clear history.”   God knows we don’t want our significant others seeing what we’re looking for.  Ouch.  Thank goodness the wife doesn’t know that I’m searching for midget porn.  Whoops.  Now she does!


Imagine our browsers didn’t have bookmarks.   How in the hell would you organize yourself?  I for one know I have about 40 domains I’m going to on a daily basis.  If they weren’t stored somewhere easily accessible I’d be pretty pissed off.  They’d have to be in some document where I’d be cutting and pasting addresses all the time.  That would be awful.  Bookmarks make organizing your top sites very very easy.

“Save As”

What if you need 100 pictures in one shot? Did you know you can click “save as” and an entire web page will be saved along with those photos?  I can’t imagine a life without “save as.”

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