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Dec 23 2010

How to Get Women by Pretending You’re Psychic

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It’s a trick you wouldn’t think would work in a million years, but I suppose the million years are up since the last time it worked. What’s the story? Don’t listen to Australians if you’re a tourist in the country.

A NORTHERN Territory man said he could see into the future and told a Japanese tourist she would die if they did not have sex on a “sacred site,” a court was told.

The woman said the man told her he could see her dying in hospital in three years time if she rejected his advances while at Ubirr Rock, a popular Kakadu site of ancient cave art, reported the NTnews.

So rather than say, “fool, you crazy,” what did she do? Had sex with him naturally. Do they not having “lying” in Japan? Do they not know what that is? Or do they have psychics that actually know things over there, thus making the woman paranoid. Whatever the case, the court says the woman’s testimony is shaky at best, and she might just be covering up her own foolishness with the story.  I saw that same trick in The Invention of Lying, but the point of that movie was no one had ever lied before, so it stood to reason the woman thought she would legitimately die. Life imitates art I suppose.

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