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Dec 22 2010

Only in China: The Unicow

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You know, I get that we should be celebrating how magical it is to see a cow with a horn growing out of its forehead, but is it bad that when I found out this was in China, I wondered what combination of chemicals and toxins caused such a mutation?

Farmer Jia Kebing noticed a small bump on this cow’s forehead when it was born two years ago but didn’t expect it to grow into a 20cm (8in) horn.

‘My farm is famous in this region for this cow and people come in here just to see it,’ said Mr Jia from Baoding in nothern China’s Hebei province.

If you rub it, do you have good luck for 100 years? Or will he just gore you? I’m sure he’s tired of having his horn rubbed at this point.

Make it happen on a horse, and I’ll be more impressed. Who’s ever heard of a Unicow anyway?

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