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Dec 22 2010

Four “Do Overs” Every Grown Man Wishes He Had

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It’s the classic story of Al Bundy reliving his high school glory days and scoring four touchdowns in one game for Polk High.  I’m talking about nostalgia and I’m talking about the desire to get it all back.

Many of us guys out there let too many years slip by and at that point it’s generally too late to pursue our dreams or do some of the things we truly want to do in life.  And instead we tell stories of the old days and what once was.  It’s really quite depressing.

But since I’m in a depressed mood let’s talk about four “do overs” that every grown man wishes he had….

College Regrets

Every single guy (and girl for that matter) would love a second chance at college.  From the teachers you dealt with to the missed opportunities you had at sex, possible careers, anything, college is the one time in everyone’s life that we’d like to have back.   “If only I studied more.”  “If only I did or didn’t join that fraternity.”   You name it and there’s a scenario you’d love to have back in college.

Anything Sports Related

It’s like a broken record in many dudes lives.  “I could have been a professional athlete.”  Do you really think so?  Sure if you put in 8 hours a day at the sport you supposedly loved.  Still though, it’s a regret many of us guys feel.  My regret is Tennis.  It was the one sport I actually had a legitimate shot at.  But what can I say?  I was a quitter.  At the age of 14 I decided to play more hoops and actually go to school.  Man I’m a moron.

Career Oriented Do Overs

This usually happens when a man is a little too invested in his current career. He’s about ten years in and realizes all of the chances he had to become a rock star or an artist, or something he was passionate about are pretty much gone.  He’s got kids, a wife, a mortgage, and less time than ever to pursue an  endeavor he would truly be fulfilled by not to mention make a living off of.

The One That Got Away

Every male out there has experienced this at one point or another.  “What if I actually went up to her at that bar and talked to her?  What would have happened?”  You’ll never know now will you Romeo….  Nope.    Sucks doesn’t it?  We’ve all let one get away and wish we had that moment back just one more time.  Thankfully I didn’t let mine get away.   Right honey?

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