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Dec 21 2010

The Best “Worst Car Salesman” Videos

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I purchased a couple of cars earlier in the year and thankfully I didn’t have to deal with a lot of crap from some annoying salesman.  The guy was very honest and he wasn’t trying to get me to do anything I didn’t want to do.  Granted we’re in a crappy economy but still, the last thing I need is a lot of glitz and stupidity when buying a car.

Apparently many spots in America do though.  It appears that having an absolutely retarded car commercial is something people are going for these days?

Well maybe they’re not but at least these videos are funny because they’re that bad…..

Larry Love

I feel like this is the type of guy that would have been a character on In Living Color.  Just wait until he dances.

The Cuban Gynecologist

I’m pretty sure I would be friends with this guy in real life.

Dave Campo – Used Car Evangelist

I think I’d like to see this guy get the living sh*t kicked out of him…multiple times.

The Iceman Jackson (this is fake)

OK this is pretty damned funny.

The Windshield Shooter

Man, to think there are actually people out there that go for this crap.

Carl Hogan

This commercial has been running for three years.  Yes, three years.

Krazy Kenny

What a loser

I Love this Guy

Sorry buddy, you’re not Mafia, at all.

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