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Dec 20 2010

Modern Day Terminology Calls these Fap Photos

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You know what’s funny about modern day terminology?  People have no balls.   Everything has to have some sort of double meaning these days doesn’t it?  Like what the hell is OM nom nom?  You know what it is?  At least what I think it is?  It’s like the same thing as fap fap fap.  It’s people’s way of saying “jerking off” or “I like sex.”

Just say it will ya?  Fap Fap.  What the hell is that?  I like cleavage.  There, I said.  I love cleavage.  Cleavage is one of my favorite things on earth and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m sharing 30 cleavage pictures with you below.

OK?  Whee!

Hahaha it’s happy because it’s so much fun! Yes?  I’d be pretty happy to standing next to this broad.

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2 responses so far

  • Dwel

    Omm nom nom is NOT fap fap.

    TF2, heavy weapons guy, sandvitch, om nom nom.

    duh, been public knowledge for years.

  • BP

    nom nom nom is the sound made when someone’s eating something. like when u see a pic of someone stuffing their face, you would caption it “om nom nom nom.” i <3 boobs though, so it's all good.



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