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Dec 20 2010

Evidence of Why Women’s Boxing is Horrible

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First of all boxing on the whole isn’t really a sport that should exist.  When you really think about it two people bashing each others head’s is bad enough.  Doing it on purpose is worse.  And doing it with the help of gloves so it doesn’t seem as bad is idiotic.

But here we are in a land that encourages athletes to hit each other as hard as is humanly possible.  But then to take these barbaric sports and add women to them>  I mean I guess each their own huh?

Women should NOT be boxing.   And here’s why…..

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2 responses so far

  • Mark Boxer

    Boxing is no more brutal then us taxpayers getting pounded by the government, personally I ‘d rather take a pounding in the ring [as I can recover from it] then take a pounding by the money hungry bureaucrats and politicians!

  • Ande

    Sure you will recover, by getting your face fixed! I don’t know which is worth more.



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