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Dec 16 2010

Five Guys in the NBA Who Seem Way Older Than They Are

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This article is taken from one of my other sites.  I felt it was worthy enough to be on this site

Good players seem to be getting younger and younger these days in the National Basketball Association. It’s not quite like tennis when you’re basically through past the age of 25. But remember the 70s where white dudes had high socks and looked like they were 40? I mean granted 35 is definitely old for the NBA but you don’t see too many good players at that age these days.

And you’d be surprised at how old some players who have been in the league for a long long time are. You’d think they hit the 35 year mark. But no. They might have some juice left.

Here are 5 players in the NBA who seem way older than they are.

Tracy McGrady – 31

T-Mac is by far the winner here. No player is more worn down and crippled than T-Mac. The guy is 31? I still don’t get how this is possible and it still amazes me that he was on the Raptors. Let’s not forget that if not for Vince Carter, McGrady would have won that dunk contest. He was no slouch. I wonder if he has any left in the tank.

Paul Pierce – 32

Of all the Celtic players I feel like Pierce is the most worn out. He’s still very solid but man doesn’t he seem at least 36? I think it’s because his entire career has been in Boston so he’s had no trades or rejuvenating contracts. I’m curious how much longer he’s gonna last.

Kobe Bryant – 32

When you’ve got a history in the league like Bryant does, it’s very hard to believe that the guy is just a few months older than me. Guy’s been playing since he was 18, has championships, MVP’s, you name it. His career could shut down today and he’d be fine. And I”m guessing he’ll be a solid player up to at least 35 barring injury. His jump shot is just too good. With his tenure in the league you’d think he was 35 already.

Kevin Garnett – 34

When you’re in the league for 15 years you’d think a guy would be older. Not to mention it seems like Garnett is playing on two legs that are made of silly putty. Man. 15 years. I can’t believe that. Sure 34 is getting a bit older to be in the NBA but the guy seems at least 37, if not Robert Parish like.

Darko Milicic – 25

I had to put Darko in here. I know he’s only 25 but doesn’t it seem like his draft failure was like decades ago? He’s just a lost soul that no one knows about in the NBA. And the guy has already played 7 seasons. I would probably say Lebron here too but we’re always hearing about how he’s still ONLY x age. Darko’s just lost somewhere getting older.

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  • Dr

    Did you forget about Greg Oden?

  • BasementChild

    You must not watch a lot of NBA. All of your picks ages didn’t surprise me one bit. Pretty bad article.

  • Matt

    I second the Greg Oden statement and would like to add Lebron, since he looks like he’s 39 minimum.

  • http://www.basketballsshoes.com/ addy

    very nice man I love him.



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