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Dec 15 2010

The Five Coolest Hairstyles of the 80s

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I don’t know why I miss the 80s so much but I really really do.   I think it’s because of what it represented.   I mean if I got to be a college kid in the 80s?  Man oh man I don’t know what the hell I would have done.  Unfortunately I never got past the age of 10 back then but I just remember it as being a great time.

Blazers and jeans, MTV, synthesizers, and a whole lot more.  And if there’s one thing you could use to characterize the 80s it’s definitely the hairstyles.

Here’s five in particular that kicked ass…..

The Rat Tail

I personally never sported one of these but it was a big thing back in the 80s.   I’m not sure what would compel a kid to cut most of his hair in the back and just leave a lame lock of hair to grow and look absolutely hideous.  How this style actually became accepted is beyond me.  Still though, when you look back it’s pretty awesome.

The Bowl Cut

Or sometimes known as the mushroom cut.   I’m not 100% sure where this haircut originated but I’m guessing someone looked at a Catholic monk and actually thought that haircut would look cool.  And it did look kind of cool for a little while.  When you look back on it now however, what in the hell were we all thinking?

The Flat Top

In the 70s it was the afro.  And today I’m actually kind of psyched to see afros cropping up everywhere.  But in the 80s?  It was definitely the flat top.  Whether it was the Chicago Bears or Kid n’ Play, the flat top was a pretty sick ‘doo and I wish it came back.  Oh yes, flat tops look really really bad on white people.   Just thought I’d mention that.

Feathered Look

No better example of this hairstyle is given than James Spader’s haircut in the movie Pretty in Pink.  Now that’s a feathered do.   I really wish this haircut came back into style.   I will forever miss it.  I’m not too optimistic about this one making it back into the mainstream but I dare to dream.

Teased Hair

God when you look back at this cut.  Good God it’s horrible but in all honesty it’s so horrible that it’s amazing.

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