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Dec 15 2010

Fake Cell Phone Girlfriend Battles Loneliness in Korea

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Spend all your time playing Starcraft, and don’t have the means to get out of the house and find yourself a proper girlfriend? Well never fear, technology has come to your rescue, and will make you happy as long as you don’t stop and think about what you’re doing for more than two seconds.
“Honey it’s me!” is warming lonely hearts with the voice of “Mina,” a 20-something virtual woman.For $1.99, Mina will make video-calls four times a day, showering subscribers with a message of bliss from 100 available. With recorded messages such as “good night, sweet dreams,” Nabix said it would help subscribers feel someone cares for them and is consistently thinking of them.

Yes, you can buy a program where a cute girl will leave you video messages for $1.99. Really, a pretty good price when it combats crushing loneliness. I’m not sure what they mean by “virtual woman” as it’s clearly a real woman, but she’s leaving messages with hundreds of other guys as well, so she’s kind of a ho.

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