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Dec 10 2010

Do you Realize How Illegal Most Pledge Programs Are?

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One of the most common things you hear about a pledge program is “the best time of your life, but you’d never do it again.”  And you know something?  That’s nearly 100% true in most cases.   Hell I remember going through my pledge program and it was damned hard.

I’ve also heard stories of other pledge programs out there and how there aren’t more arrests and jail time as a result of these programs is a complete mystery to me.

Below are 5 laws that are being broken every single day as a result of pledging in colleges across America…..

Breaking and Entering

You see in college you don’t quite realize how much your breaking the law so when your fraternity tells you to break into another fraternity house and steal an item of theirs, no one takes into account that this infraction could lead to some serious jail time depending on the severity of the incident.  But since it’s a “joke” I guess it doesn’t matter huh….


Many pledge programs are not complete without tons of kidnapping from both sides.  Usually a pledge class will have to kidnap one of the seniors in the fraternity, drag him out to the middle of nowhere and leave him there.  The brothers commonly do this to pledges but either way.  I mean can you imagine the legality of this stuff?  I’m guessing some of the stunts pulled could easily lead to a life sentence, especially if something were to happen to the person who was kidnapped.


It happens every single day.  Tossing paint on a house.  Keying a car.  You name it.  It happens everywheree and somehow there doesn’t seem to be any issue with it.  I mean at the least how about a fine?

Assault and Battery

You may not think this if you were in a fraternity but face it.  If you got the shit kicked out of you, technically you were assaulted and battered.  Even paddling is an example of this.  Though I know some people who took some serious beatings at the hands of their fraternity that far outweighed a paddling.  All it takes is one unhappy pledge and they could bring the whole fraternity down.


If you think that lying in piles of food doing push ups and being deprived of eating for a week isn’t torture than you are wrong.  Oh and let’s not forget the sleep deprivation.

Man when I look back at all this stuff, it makes me realize how dangerous all of this is and how I’m still here is a mystery to me.

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  • http://spewf.com Spewf

    In all honesty, my Fraternity does not do any of the things listed above.

    We must be doing something right if we are the second biggest on campus, had the biggest pledge class this semester, and are 5th (out of 30+ Fraternities) in GPA.

  • Saav

    Honestly, size doesn’t really matter. My Fraternity has a double vote process, ie – after rush, we vote to see who gets bids. And after they finish the pledge process, we vote to see if they get initiated. We could easily give everybody bids and let everybody who pledges get initiated, but it is about showing devotion to brotherhood. While we don’t make them do stupid shit, pledging is pledging and you have to earn those letters.

  • Sobes

    How ’bout you sack up and just get over it. The reason your “still here” is because this has been done for over 100 years. Considering how many Greeks are out there, there’s been relatively few incidents.

    Also, doing things to friends and pledge brothers doesn’t qualify. A lot of the things you’ve listed require the other party to press charges. There’s solidarity among friends and Greeks.

    You probably break laws everyday without knowing it so your point is relatively inane. In most states blowjobs are still illegal and considered sodomy. You gonna complain about how dangerous and terrible those are in your next article?



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