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Dec 09 2010

Five Sure Fire Ways to “Win” at Gambling

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I know lots of people out there who spend thousands of dollars a week on gambling alone.  Personally I don’t understand this as it’s clearly a losing proposition.  I mean when you take that much money and put it into something where the odds are clearly against you I simply don’t understand this logic.

But then again, we are America.  Short cuts are what we desire most here.  God forbid we try to do anything the right way by working hard for our money.

Anyway, in my experience, both philosophically and literally there just aren’t too many ways to win at gambling.  Below I’ve listed five ways that I think you can truly win at gambling…..

If it’s Money you Can Afford to Lose and you Don’t Lose Any More than That

Are you technically losing in this scenario?  Yes.  You are.  Hence why “win” is in parentheses in the title.  Seriously though.  If you go to a casino and know you can drop 100 bucks or whatever the amount is and you don’t lose more than that then in my eyes you’re a winner.  Why?   Because you didn’t bit off more than you could chew.  Having discipline is a winning quality.  Once you pass that mark of money you’re comfortable losing you go from having fun to running the risk of misery.

When it’s a Fun Experience

Have you ever noticed that when you gamble just to have fun you tend to win?    Meaning that when you’re not thinking about the money and the gambling you tend to relax.  The more you think about it, the more you end up losing.  I don’t know.  At least I’ve found that to be the case.  It’s all mental.  I’m not saying by trying to have fun you’ll end up winning all the time but I will say that thinking about it all the time is never a helpful cause.

Own a Casino

You want the odds in your favor?  You want to beat the system?  Go out and create some kind of a gambling operation and the odds will all of a sudden be in your favor.

Get Inside Information or “Fix” Something

Who says casinos are the only place you can gamble?  Got a hot tip on a horse? Get any inside information about a company?  Here’s your chance.  Get to know some high ups at hedge funds and you’ll be able to gamble all day.

To Not Gamble

Hey it’s obvious but it’s true.  You can’t lose if you don’t put any money in.  And that to me is a victory.

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