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Dec 08 2010

The War on the War on Christmas

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It’s that wonderful time of year again, where we all get to sit around and hate on Christmas. Wait, that doesn’t happen? Then what has Fox News been telling me all these years? You mean people saying “holiday” instead of “Christmas” to include everyone is the “entire war on Christmas”? Who will take up this fight?

​First Baptist Church of Dallas sends word that this morning on KCBI-FM (90.9), Robert Jeffress announced the launch of a website –Grinch Alert — “dedicated to showcasing businesses that do not show outward signs of supporting Christmas.” In other words: He’s declaring war on those who’ve declared war on Christmas.

The mayor’s pastor is asking folks to submit names of stores to the naughty and nice lists, which the station will read on the air every morning. Says the podcast of this morning’s broadcast, it all started last week with the public shaming of a bank in Southlake that decided not to put up a Christmas tree in its lobby; says the morning-show host, the bank has since changed its mind due to the divine intervention. To which Jeffress adds: “I wanted to do something positive to encourage businesses to acknowledge Christmas and not bow to the strident voices of a minority who object to the holiday.”

Who “objects” to the holiday? There might be some people of other faiths who don’t celebrate the holiday, but is anyone really marching in the streets saying “Down with Christmas!” I don’t think so.

Shoot, I think I just got put on the Grinch List for writing this post.

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