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Dec 08 2010

5 Things That Always Seem To Happen at the Airport

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It’s not bad enough that I don’t like to fly but the actual experience of being in an airport pretty much sucks.   I mean unless you just landed in Hawaii, have a limo waiting, and don’t have to take care of your luggage, airport experiences are a virtual nightmare.

And I’ve selected five thing that never seem to fail when you’re at an airport.


You See Someone That Freaks you Out

Whether you think 9/11 or not, it’s inevitable that you’re going to be eying every single passenger that’s waiting for the plane.   And I can guarantee that at least one person is going to look suspect and freak you out.  I remember my first flight after 9/11 and there was a Middle Eastern looking guy.  I actually went up to him and struck up a conversation to try and put my mind at ease.  I felt bad about it but I simply couldn’t help it.

The Thought of Death

I don’t care how often you fly, when you’re at an airport you always at some point are thinking “plane crash.”  Sure you may joke about it but that comes from fear.  Then you make sure you make all your calls, send all your texts, and act extra nice to your loved ones before you board.

Going to the Bathroom

Have you ever had a day of flying where you don’t take a leak in an airport bathroom?  I’m pretty sure I haven’t and to be quite honest I’d like to avoid it for once.  I think it’s the nerves but I feel like I can never get away with a bathroom free airport experience.

A Flight Delay

When people say that Death and Taxes are the two certainties in life I’m pretty sure they forgot to add Airport Delays.   I would say that well over 50% of the time I experience a flight delay or at least some kind of delay at an Airport.  I’m no air traffic expert so I don’t have any genius ideas here but you’d think they could somehow manage this by now.

Amazement at How Bad Security Is

Have you ever actually looked closely at airport security.  I can’t believe how pathetic it really is.  Whether it’s that person checking your license or the people scanning the x-ray screens, the next time you’re in an airport take a close look and you’ll see exactly what’s wrong with this country.

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