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Dec 06 2010

Five Reasons Why Working is Actually Better Than Not Working

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Many of us that hold jobs complain about our jobs.  And yes, certainly in this economy the phrase we most commonly hear is “at least be glad you’re working.”   But let’s assume everyone was working.   The majority if people out there don’t really like their jobs.  Most people complain about their hours, bosses, commuting, and a whole host of other issues.

But I argue that work is actually a good thing.  Even when it’s shitty there are positives about having a job.

Here are five worth nothing……

The Boredom Factor

Have you ever been sick for around 3-5 days?  Or how about you’ve just taken off work but haven’t gone on vacation?  I don’t know about you but after about 24 hours I’m 100% filled with boredom.  There’s only so much television you can watch.  There’s only so much you can do around the house.  How many “events” can you go to?  And who has the money to be all activity oriented?  Work is at least something to do.

Sense of Achievement

Doing nothing doesn’t accomplish anything.  Hell even if you hate your job at least there’s the chance of promotion, a raise, something.  You can’t really get that feeling when you’re dicking around not doing anything.  Work may suck but it does provide your psyche with some positive reinforcement.

A Routine

Some people in life don’t need any structure at all.  Some people are used to living in chaos.  Me?  I can’t stand it.  At least work provides a routine and some consistency in one’s life.  You get up at the same time, you commute, you do your think at work, and you come home.  It may sound boring but mentally there’s a comfort there knowing you have a reliable routing you can count on (as long as you have your job).

Weekend – Something to Look Forward To

If we were sitting around all day doing nothing then wouldn’t every single day kind of be the same?  I mean that’s what weekends are for right?  We need a little challenge and even some struggle so that those weekends are more meaningful.  Otherwise we have no purpose, no nothing to look forward to.


It’s an obvious answer but how the hell else do you plan on earning a living!!!!

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