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Dec 02 2010

Five Common Unexpected Surprises That Brighten Your Day

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OK I’m not talking about winning the lottery.  And no I’m not talking about when a Playboy model surprises you at your doorstep waiting to have sex with you.  I’m talking about the little things in life that make us smile.

I’m talking about the kinds of thing that happen every single day.  And they’ve happened to each and ever one of us.  I just wish they’d happen more.  Then again if they happened all the time they would be so special would they?

Here are five common unexpected surprises that brighten up your day….

Finding Anything that is Lost by Accident

We’ve all lost things.  And we’ve all spent hours trying to find such things only to no avail.  However, isn’t it awesome when you stop looking and all of a sudden it’s in some spot you just hadn’t thought of?  “I can’t believe it was under the couch!” You know these kind of surprises.  They’re awesome.

When a Dollar Bill Turns up Unexpectedly

I absolutely love when I put on a jacket I haven’t worn in a while and there’s a dollar bill in the pocket.  Obviously it’s better when there’s a 20 in there but I’ll take what I can get.

A Movie Comes on You Haven’t seen in a While

Nothing’s worse than when you have 500 channels and not one decent program is on.  Then you end up having some conversation with a buddy about how you wish x movie was on.  A few days go by and poof!  Out of thin air the exact movie you were talking about appears on television.  These are weird moments but they happen.

Getting out of Work Early

Everyone can plan for an early work day but rarely does your work day end early without planning it.  It’s happened to all of us and it absolutely kicks ass when this rare event happens.

An Old Friend Contacts You

The older we get the more we lose touch with people.  It’s always nice to see your inbox and have it not be filled with the normal drek.  Once in a while you’ll get an unexpected email from an old friend and it always brings a smile to your face.

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