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Dec 31 2010

Stacey Solomon Leads the P.M Portfolio

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Stacey Solomon was recently crowned Queen Of The Jungle on the ITV1 show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!   The 21 year old Essex girl made the finals of last years X Factor and this year she was back for another dose of reality TV.  I liked her better as a blond.

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The Portfolio

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Dec 31 2010

A Collection of “Sexy” TSA Maneuvers

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Sure maybe this has been said before but I still think it’s funny.   Should “TSA” be nicknamed “T and A?”  I think it’s a pretty safe assumption.  I mean yeah we need to be secure and all but it’s pretty evident that the “new” methods of searching people prior to boarding a plan have gotten a little invasive.

And I think the term “a little” is being quite generous.   Here’s the proof……

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Dec 31 2010

She’s Uncoachable: Carla Maria Makes Me Tingly

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So it turns out that the lovely Carla Maria Codette is a recent college graduate.  And how awesome is it that she went immediately to taking pictures with her top off?  Way to go Carla!

Carla’s already got her own website that you can “join.”  Other than that I don’t really know much about her other than the fact that I’d like to you know…hang out with her sometime.

More of Carla after the jump…

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Dec 31 2010

Night Clubs in China are Fun

Published by under Beautiful Ladies

As China continues to grow and become an even stronger super power, they are definitely adopting some of our culture.  In particular?  I would have to say that the nightlife scene is evolving in the “right” direction.

There are more stripper poles being utilized and you’re seeing plenty more “Facebookesque” type photos being released.  Oh yeah, and the girls are getting hotter and hotter.

Check ‘em out after the jump…

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Dec 31 2010

5 Unspoken Blogger Etiquette Rules

Published by under Editorial

When you have a website that starts to grow you get lots of emails.  In fact you see the kinds of emails you used to send back when your site first began.  In the beginning of growing a site you tend to research a ton.  You look into ways of increasing traffic, social networking, the whole lot.

And while everyone is seeking riches in the first month it just doesn’t work that way.  No matter what you say or do it takes time.  And in my eyes, it also takes a lot of fair play.

Here are five unspoken blogger etiquette rules….

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Dec 31 2010

Friday’s Funbag: Mila Kunis Interview, North Korea’s Facebook Page, and Funny Street Performer

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I can honestly say I have no idea what the hell happened to Mila Kunis since That Seventies Show but I can say it’s a wonderful thing.  She just instantly turned from cute to extremely hot.   Sometimes it’s better not to ask questions and just go with it.

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The Funbag

If North Korea had a Facebook page – [Cracked]

The funny street performer of the day – [The DW]

A very awkward spelling bee question – [EgoTV]

It’s time for celebrity cleavage! – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

Hot female celebrities in male suits – [Celebuzz]

Kids brawling before an Ole Miss game – [Unathletic]

A random assortment of goodness for all – [Attuworld]

Crazy cat with a blanket and a teddy bear – [OMG Blog]

The hottest bikini and snowboarding photos – [Manofest]

I hope that this is my next vacation spot – [Ned Hardy]

The dumbest criminal foiled by Facebook – [Guyism]

World record for most cameos in a music video – [COED Magazine]

Top ten embarrassing athlete endorsements – [Brobible]

The best place for sexy celebrity pics – [Usemycomputer]

A live action Coyote vs. Roadrunner video – [Doubleviking]

Charlie Sheen has a frozen face a lot – [Cityrag]

The relationship hierarchy chart – [Collegehumor]

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Dec 30 2010

Cute College Girls Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more cute college girls

Very rarely will I post pictures without some kind of a theme.  In this case I really just don’t care.  Nothing wrong with heading over to Collegehumor to check out the fine tastings they have to offer.

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The Portfolio

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Dec 30 2010

A Great Selection of “Only in Japan” Pictures

Published by under Pictures

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything “wacky Japanese.”  Usually I love to feature stuff from Japanese Gameshows but that doesn’t mean there aren’t 1000s of pictures lying around out there from Japan that can elicit some serious WTF responses.

I’m guessing that the picture you are about to see probably fall under this sentiment.

Check out things that can only happen in Japan after the jump…

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Dec 30 2010

She’s Uncoachable: Australian Blond Kat Cross

Published by under She's Uncoachable

Honestly I’m not 100% sure what this Kat Cross does.   It’s apparent that she’s a sexy model and perhaps I should just leave it at that.  She’s been in Ralph magazine which means she’s obviously proud of her rack.

And wouldn’t you be?  Good God.   Other than that I don’t have much to contribute.  I think her pictures speak for themselves.

More of Kat after the jump….

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Dec 30 2010

Woman Faked a Kidnapping to Test Her Husband

Published by under Oddly Enough

How much do you love me? Your wife, not Mel Gibson. I don’t believe you, you’re going to have to PROVE IT in a way that may or may not give you a heart attack in the process. What the hell was this woman thinking?

Spanish police have detained a woman who faked her own kidnapping to test whether her husband would pay ranson, sending him a photograph of herself with bound hands and feet, police said Monday.

The man received the photo on his mobile phone from someone claiming to be one of the kidnappers along with a text message demanding a ransom of 20,000 euros (26,000 dollars) for her release, they said in a statement.

The ransom request was repeated in later text messages as well as warnings that the man not go to police, which he ignored.

Police launched a search and spotted her car, which they followed to a shopping mall in the town of Gandia on the Mediterranean coast.

“The woman, who was travelling alone and was in perfect health, was the supposed victim of the kidnapping,” the police statement said.

Only 26,000 dollars? Come on, you’ve got to go to at least a million so the man goes on a cross country crime spree to get the money in time. Now THAT would have been a story. Oops! Sorry hunnie!

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