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Nov 30 2010

Five of The Worst People You Can Ride on a Train With

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Just the other day I had a horrifying experience and obvious reminder why commuting by train is one of the worst things ever.   Well it’s horrible when the commute is over an hour.  Even so it definitely sucks regardless of what the situation is.

And in case you need reminders, one of the most sobering ones is the people you’ll be riding the train with.

Here are five that absolutely suck….

The Guy that’s Too Overweight

I don’t care if I’m being mean here.  It’s already been established with planes and it’s worth mentioning.  If you’re stuck in a two seat section on a train, tell me you dread it when a really overweight person is about to sit next to you.  Especially when you know you have an hour ride ahead of you.  It’s nothing against overweight people as human beings.  It’s against the fact that you know you’ll be extremely uncomfortable.

The Loud Cell Phone Talker

I mean whose life is THAT important that they have to yap on their phones for so long?  And at a volume that is clearly interrupting the rest of the train car.   I absolutely can’t stand this.  It’s one thing to answer your phone and have a few words with whoever.  It’s another to specifically save your train time for yucking it up with anyone.

The Person Who Eats Real Food

I don’t mind people whipping out a quick bag of chips.  That’s cool.   But I sure as hell mind when you whip out a sandwich.  Wait until you get home.  How hard is that?  Hell I’ve been on a train where someone actually had the balls to bring french fries and ketchup.  You’ve gotta be kidding me.

The Chick Putting on Makeup

I’ve seen women doing this on buses before which I think is the lowest of the low but doing it on a train is pretty bad.  You can’t wake up 10 min earlier? We have to see those really awkward faces you make while doing your eyes?  Gross.  Keep that shit at home.

The Way too Loud Head Phones

I always wondered if I’ve ever been guilty of this.  I always hate it when I can hear very clearly what’s coming out of someone else’s headphones.  What’s the point of using headphones if everyone else can hear you?  Just make the volume a bit lower will ya?

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