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Nov 29 2010

What if This Was Your Girlfriend?

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Here’s the thing.  With all of this social networking and crap going around the internet whose to say your own woman isn’t out there posing in pictures like this?  Of course your own woman probably doesn’t look like the female in the picture above.

However, there are plenty of dudes out there with hot girlfriends who have no clue that there’s this wacky underground happening.   Some females just love attention and their pictures get around.

Below you’ll find plenty of them….

Jesus Christ if that were my girlfriend I’m not sure I would care what the hell she did behind my back.  Are you kidding me?

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7 responses so far

  • no

    lol. You do realize some of these girls are pro models, right?

    • Natty

      Yes I do.

  • A. Emre Unal

    I do think that from the looks of it, these girls are a bit of “attention whores” who “advertise” themselves like this and let me tell you, men (mostly stupid/desperate men, which sadly isn’t the minority of men) run after them like crazy and they love it, and they get boyfriends that are generally douchebags. This is my opinion.

  • Nicktendo88

    Word on the /b/ is that the first chick is actually dead. There are more pics of her in that same position but from different angles.

  • passerby

    No, she’s not dead. The original photos had red eye, which is impossible to have if the subject is in fact deceased. Though her pose and look still haunt me!

  • http://hottestdivas.blogspot.com/ hottest divas

    I would love to have girlfriends like then I will love to fuck then day in day out so they don’t feel that their bodies are just for show

    girls are made to fuck so just fuck then and let them enjoy

  • NotTrue

    I don’t know where you heard that, but the “fact” about dead bodies not causing red eye is entirely false. Red eye is caused by a strange relection of light from the curviture of the eye.

    You’re sitting at a computer with a never ending ever expanding fountain of knowledge, and you post such ignorance. A ten second search would have told you that is wrong.

    But I agree, I don’t think she is dead either. Although the fleshy looking mass on her right side is a bit gruesome.



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