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Nov 29 2010

General Ways I Used to Look at the World as a Kid vs Now as an Adult

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It’s amazing how we view the world as adults.  As children everything is so damned innocent.  Everything seems so easy and everything seems so hopeful.   Ah yes, and then reality kicks in.

All the thing you remember as children aren’t quite the same anymore are they?  Nope.  They friggin’ suck.   Don’t get me wrong, I like being an adult but there’s just too much to think about and way too much to be annoyed at.

I’ve summed up five points of view that really change as you age.  It’s just a mish mash of crap.  Not even good writing but you’ll get the point…

How I Viewed Sports

When you’re a kid you see sports as being fun.   You root for your favorite players because they look cool or because they have great stats.  You look up to these people.  You play sports because you want to and because you enjoy them.  Also because you get to pretend you are your favorite players.  As an adult?   It’s “why the hell am I so old?”  Most of these guys are pieces of shit.  Steroids!  Millions of dollars for playing a game?  Screw that.  I’d give anything to be a professional athlete.  Then again, I still like to play sports competitively but once you see the money side of the business it definitely alters your view.

How I Viewed Work

As a kid it’s “wow, you have an office daddy?”  “Wow!  you get to take the train to work?”  “Wow!  You make 100 dollars a week?”  Work is so innocent and such an accomplishment to children.  They see it as the coolest thing ever.  Plus they don’t know the value of a dollar.  Now?  Work is generally how you pay the bills.  Most people hate work.   Hell most people despise it.  Commuting?  God that’s horrible.  Work is the bane of man’s existence.  Bottom line?  Work sucks and is nothing to be admired.

How I View Family

As a kid family is awesome.  You play with your cousins and siblings.  You get to go on fun trips with family.   Basically you know nothing nor do you understand how messed up your family truly is and how families in general truly are.   Now?  Everyone has an insane uncle, a perverted cousin, an alcoholic, a psycho, you name it.  Everyone’s got someone they don’t talk to anymore.  There are always feuds and family vacations officially blow and are too stressful.   It’s so simple as a kid but as an adult?  Forget about it.

How I View Relationships

As a kid the general rule of thumb is girls are gross.  Friends are friends and are people you can play with.    Now?  Now it’s practically like family.  There are always messed up friends.  Friends screw you over.  Friends talk behind your back.  Friends move away.   Friends just aren’t the same friends.  And true friends?  You just don’t get to see them enough. In terms of real relationships?  We need a novel for that.

How I View Nutrition

You can eat anything as kid.  As an adult?  Forget about it.  Nothing is safe.  Nothing.  Cholesterol!  Fatty acids!  Vitamins!  Drink tons of water!  What the hell happened?  As a kid you eat anything, period.  Seems you just can’t do that as a grown up.

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6 responses so far

  • Steve

    Pretty depressing article, but true. If there’s one thing I can say that may put a positive light on this subject is, thankfully there are movies that I watched as a kid that I can still watch as an adult (26) and still get those same feelings of wonder and amazement. Such as:

    Rocky 4
    Superman 1 and 2
    The Neverending Story
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Batman (1989)
    Top Gun
    The Terminator
    Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (even better as an adult because I get all the jokes now).

  • Bodd

    President of the USA:
    As a child, the highest office in the world, the dream job to which every boy (and some girls) sought to attain… where one would be heralded all over the world and be able to use his (or her) influence to make this great country a better place.
    As an adult, a rhetoric-spouting slave to the teleprompter and the skewed pollsters that create false statistics. Mouthpiece to the unions and special interests, ridiculed all over the world, bound by the self-entitled Kings of Congress, and using influence to ingratiate 51% of the uneducated voters to keep his (or her) self-serving party in power.

    I’m sorry, do I sound disillusioned and bitter? I prefer the term ‘experienced’.

    (Also, before the grammar Nazis strike: I am also sorry about the doubling of the word ‘use’ in my previous comment… I guess I am just a user)

  • Bodd

    Dear Uncoached moderator: if you are going to refuse my post on how the police are seen differently by youth and adults, you might at least remove my reference to a previous comment from the one which you chose to allow.

    • Natty

      What has been refused?

  • Diego

    But beer, glorious beer

  • Bodd

    Natty, I did a post on how differently kids and adult see the police. (law enforcement, not Sting & the boys)
    I guess the moderator did not see the humor in it.



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