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Nov 26 2010

Comparing Dating Now to Then: Four Examples

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In today’s day and age it’s awfully easy to meet someone.  It doesn’t make relationships any easier but the ways in which we meet people have become so accessible that there really aren’t too many excuses anymore for not being able to date anyone.  I’m not necessarily saying you’re supposed to find the one but I am saying that it’s damned easy to meet people.

However, with ease comes danger.  Nowadays it might be easier to meet someone but it’s sure as hell more dangerous if you ask me.  At least back in the day when you met someone it would take a fair amount of effort.  It’s not like you went online, picked a pretty face, set up a meeting and then got robbed at gunpoint.

But the funny thing is that the core principals of meeting people haven’t necessarily changed, they’ve just been modified….

“Activity Classes/Club” are now called “Groups”

Even in today’s today we see examples of activities you can join, and in turn you can meet people.  However the prevalence of “groups” can draw you closer to a person and much faster.  Think about online interest groups, forums, places to chat with folks who like cats, or whatever the hell people like this days.   Interest groups will always be around, it’s just that now they’re online.

Personal Ads in the Paper is Now Online Dating

If you still get embarrassed or think it’s “lame” to try online dating then you’re an idiot.  Maybe 10 years ago it was somewhat taboo and looked at in a pathetic sort of light.  However, and I’m living proof.  I got laid more from online dating than from anything else.  I’ll tell you what’s embarrassing.  Putting a personal ad in the paper!  Wow.  I can’t believe people actually used to do that.

Actually going up to Someone in a Bar is Now Facebook

Don’t get me wrong.  People still go up to others in a bar.   If you have the courage you can still walk up to a person and try to create a relationship.  However now?  Now it’s about finding warm leads.  Now it’s Facebook.    Why bother going up to a person cold turkey when you can simply find a “referral” from a friend?  It takes much less courage this way.  Plus it’s easier.

Phone Calls are becoming Texting

We’re not quite there yet but since people today have no balls, texting is becoming the prevailing method of communication.  I wouldn’t say it’s replaced phone calls but I will say this.  You can make 20-50 texts in a day.  You ain’t making 50 calls in a day.  Why talk when you can text?  In texting you don’t have to get a person’s bad vibe.  You don’t have to see their face.  God forbid you see them in person.

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