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Nov 24 2010

Things I Cannot Believe We Lived Without at Some Point

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It’s hard to believe that just 20 short years ago we were living without the internet.  I mean it existed but certainly not to the extent that it does today.  I can still remember the year 1993 and loading my first porn page.  It took like 5 minutes and it was magical.  Hell, loading any page was magical.

I also remember AOL chat rooms.  Remember that?  Hahahaha.  Those were amazing.  Think about how far we’ve come since then.  But it isn’t just the internet that we’ve grown so accustomed to.

Here are five things I can’t believe we lived without less than 30 years ago….


How in the world is this possible?  How in the hell did things get done?  When you think about business, not even personal lives, think about how the world would more than likely shut down without email anymore.   I used to be a recruiter and people told me that back in the 80s when you wanted to send a resume to a client you had to do it through a courier.  Ummm, what about what you get buckets of resumes every single day?  I can’t even fathom how that business was run back then.


Just read the paragraph above and think even slower.  Yes, technically Fax machines were invented even before the phone but commercially they weren’t popular until the 80s.  And even then it took forever for faxes to go through.   But think about how much time was saved using these devices.  And they’re still used today.

The Internet

I know this one is obvious but clearly it’s worth mentioning.  Yes, the internet was technically invented in the 60s but it wasn’t commercialized until the 1990s.  Can you even imagine what would happen if the internet simply shut down?  I think the entire world would be very close to ending.  The funny thing is that we haven’t even begun with the internet yet.  Eventually every single thing you know will be online.  I mean right now it’s TV, pretty soon it’ll be your whole life.  What will be the point of talking to people?  Kind of sad really.

MP3 Players

It’s not that MP3 Players are a necessity but it’s just funny to think that CD players were so big only 15 short years ago.  It’s funny to think that Walkman’s were huge in the 80s.   Who the hell knows what will come next and I’m sure in 20 years we’ll laugh at MP3 players but for now it’s weird to think of a world without digital music.

Cell Phones

This I find insane.  What the hell would you do if you didn’t have a cell phone?  In today’s world it seems as though you’d be finished entirely.  God forbid your car breaks down.   What if you’ll be late coming home and have to tell someone.  What if you’re late to a meeting?  How do you notify people?  It’s these little things that are so hard to fathom happening back in the 70s and mid 80s.  How the hell did people deal with these situations?

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