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Nov 23 2010

The Basic, Old School Way to Lose Weight: Read This

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I find it quite interesting that in the last 10 years or so how big the “fitness” and “diet” industry has become.  I find it interesting that shows like The Biggest Loser exists and yet every year our country is getting more and more obese.   Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not against people trying to help the state of our country and its nutrition.

By all means please try and improve our well being.  But I also think that a lot of this shit is not sincere.  I feel like we’re still a big ball of excuses.  I mean look at how many electronic gadgets are supposedly going to help you lose weight.  Look how many magical diets there are out there.  Give me a break!

Can we just accept three main points that I think the country just doesn’t do?  We’re fat, we’re lazy, and we eat too much.  Period.  Stop psychoanalyzing.  “I was traumatized as a kid!”  Come on.  Other countries have just as many problems as we do and they’re not huge.  Want to lose weight?  Try this.  Seriously, try this…..

For the record these are very old school but I promise you if you ignore society you can lose weight your way.

Sweat – A lot

No, don’t sweat walking from your living room to your kitchen or from your front door to your car because you’re too obese.  Sweat.  In some way, shape, or form, take at least an hour out of your day to sweat.  Run, walk, do WHATEVER you can handle.  You don’t have to lose 15 lbs in a week.  Just make a point of sweating a ton each day.  That in itself will help you lose weight. Don’t worry about what it is your doing just make sure you’re working hard enough to be dripping in sweat.

Eat Less – Period

For Christ’s sake stop reading things.  There’s a reason you are overweight.  It’s because you eat a lot.  THAT WHY.  Sure it’s the types of foods and sure you can count calories but then you’ll just have more excuses.  I mean if you know you’re eating 6 huge meals in a day make it 5.  I’m talking very basic stuff here.  Just eat less.   How about this?  Take a normal day, record everything you eat and reduce it by 1/3.  Period.  Just do that.  That’s all.  Do it for 3 months and see where it gets you.

Build Muscle

Everyone harps on metabolism and burning fat.  If there’s one truth I know about weight loss it’s that building muscle helps.  Seriously I’ve read a zillion books and that’s probably the only one I truly believe in.  So when you’re sweating a lot?  Try and get some weights built in to whatever program you’re doing.

Stop Reading Shit and Just Work Hard

People spend more time reading about how to lose weight than losing weight.  No.  Just make it a point to do the things I’m saying here and you will lose weight.   That much I promise.  By the time you’re done reading a book you’ll have eating 20 bon bons in the process.  Just get out there and word hard, something us Americans have forgotten how to do.

Don’t Diet – Ever

B y definition a diet is something that isn’t permanent.  What the hell is the point of that?  I don’t want to get into too much science here but it’s proven that yo yo dieting (losing weight, gaining, losing) is about the worst possible thing you can do to your body.  The only way you’re going to lose weight and keep it off is by LOSING WEIGHT AND KEEPING IT OFF!

All this stuff is easier said than done but I promise you if you’re doing all five you’ll be better off than you were.  Stop being scared.  Stop analyzing.  Just shut up and get to work.

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