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Nov 22 2010

Don’t Get Sucked into the Corporate World

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I’m now 31 years old.  I’ve been working for myself for almost 3 years and all I ever think to myself is…”why the hell didn’t I have the balls to do this after college?”  While there are tons of answers (the most basic one being I had no idea what I was doing) the most simple answer is “fear.”

But in today’s economic climate it’s harder and harder to “get a job.”  My thoughts?  Go out and create one. I’m not here to tell you WHAT job to create but surely there are tons of ways to make money out there.   I hear too many stories of people who have been out of work for 50 weeks or more.  And in that time where you’re earning zero dollars you haven’t tried one online program?  Not one website?  Not one instance of recycling a can? And no I’m not talking about spending 1000s either.  Just read, use your heads, come on!

However, that’s not gonna be the focus here.  My focus is on those college grads who have nothing to do but sit on their asses at mommy and daddy’s house the year following school.  Knowing what I know now I’d have started up something immediately.   But in case you need a reminder of what it’s really like out there, here are four things the real world has that seem cool for a bit but end up being the bane of your existence….

Having a Boss

This is about the worst thing on the face of the earth.  Do you know what having a boss really means?  It means having a parent in the work force. Someone to tell you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  It also means having a person that effectively controls how much money you earn and whether or not you will continue to earn the money you are making.  In other words.  It sucks.  Sure people have nice bosses but don’t ever forget these things.  They own you and have you by the balls.   That’s a position I refuse to ever be in again.

Wearing Nice Clothes

Trust me when I say having to wear nice clothes sucks.  Sure it might be cool for the first few months after you’ve graduated college.  You feel cool because you’re in a suit.  Nope.  That shit will wear off in about a week.  It ain’t cool to be wearing a suit or even business casual clothing while you’re sweating on the subway or freezing your ass off walking outside.  I prefer to be in boxers where I can jerk off whenever I feel like it.

Commuting to Work

There are some people that commute 3 hrs each way.  Yes, each way to their jobs.  I have no comprehension of this.  My longest commute ever was an hour and a half each way.  That sucked badly enough.  Now it’s the next room over from my bedroom.  It may seem kind of cool when you’re on the train and all excited that you’re part of the workforce.  That will wear off within a month and you’ll dread having to wake up every day.

“Face Time” – Set Schedule

You’ll hear this term a lot.  Most companies won’t tell you but just sitting around and pretending to do work past the time you’re allowed to go home is encouraged.  I mean what the hell else is it?  I can’t tell you how many people I know that work 70-80 hr weeks but basically “work” about 10 hrs a week.  The rest is sitting on your ass surfing the internet.  It’s all a load of crap.

*There’s obviously a ton more out there that the real world has, but I hope this enlightens some people.  For the most part America sits in the office and surfs the web.  Don’t be one of those people.  Create something.

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