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Nov 19 2010

Four Things I’d Be Happy To Pay For Today that I Bitched About When they Were Free

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It’s astonishing the things we take for granted as kids.  And by kids I mean all the way up through the age of 22.  For the majority of us out there we don’t really have to pay for anything growing up.  Most of us get our first bullshit job at the age of 15 but don’t really need one.

Then we get to college and most of us live off our parents money.  And we do so many things that are free.  I almost think that because they were free and came so “easy” to us that it allowed us to bitch about them.

But not anymore.  I’d be happy to hand over my hard earned cash to do these things again…

Going Through Pledgeship

When I look back on pledging a fraternity I have to say that it was easily one of the worst four months I’ve ever gone through.  The amount of physical and mental torture I had to endure is something I don’t wish upon anyone.  However, there’s one reason it was amazing.  College.  I would give anything for one more year of school.  Hell I would give 10 years of my life for one more year at college with the brain I have now.  And yup, I’d do all that stupid shit again.  If I had 100 grand I’d easily give up half of it for one more year.

Piano Lessons (any musical lessons)

So many kids bitch about music lessons.  Why?  I guess it’s because they don’t have jobs yet.  Do you realize how awesome a skill it is to play a musical instrument?  I just bought a piano and am more than happy to fork over the cash to get good at it again.  It’s amazing how much I couldn’t stand practicing as a kid and how much I love practicing now.  The real world can get to you.  You begin to appreciate those things you used to complain about as a child.

Any Sports League

As an adult you have to pay to be a part of any sports league.  If you want to play hoops once a week there’s usually a fee.  If you want to play indoor soccer there’s usually a fee, etc etc.  Back as a child I remember hating practice.  I couldn’t stand having to stay later after school when I knew TV was on.  Now?  Now I’m happy to fork over cash to know I can stay in shape and be competitive.

Any High School or College Party

Ever catch yourself saying “this party sucks” as a teen or college student?  Nowadays you’re forking over 100 bucks in a given night just for a few drinks and getting turned down by chicks who aren’t half as hot as the ones you got in college.   Um, I would take that same 100 bucks and give anything to pay an entrance fee to any frat or sorority party.  And those parties were free!  You’ve got to be kidding me.

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