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Nov 18 2010

6 Major Lifestyle Changes That Signal you are “Growing Up”

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The older I get the more I find myself agreeing with things I would painfully disagree with at a younger age.   I mean who the hell doesn’t go out on a weekend?  Who in the world would be caught dead wearing socks that high?

I guess you start to realize at a certain point that priorities change big time as life moves on.  Those priorities cause a major shift in your point of view and as such you have some major lifestyle changes.

I would say most take place after the age of 25.  Here are six significant ones you might agree with….

Waking Up Early on Weekends

When in the hell did this happen?  And by early I mean anything before 10 am.   Honestly I can’t remember the last time I actually slept past 11AM.  Even on nights where I go out until 3am (which is pretty much never now) I still can’t make it past the 10AM barrier.   Some kind of annoying switch goes off after the age of 25 that I really don’t like.

Not Wanting to Drink for Fear of a Hangover

I find myself drinking less not because I don’t want to get drunk but because being hungover is really going to screw with my next day.  Now I have family crap to go to all the time.  I have to deal with children and picking things up.  It sucks man.   Back in college there were never days I gave a shit about being hungover on.  Plus the feeling of being hungover just isn’t as cool as it used to be.   I hate my life.

Soreness after working out

There’s a difference between college soreness and adult soreness.   Adult soreness is effectively not being able to move.  College soreness is slight pain that you can easily fight through.

Sexual Regression Because you are Tired

The whole “I’m tired” excuse is actually real as you get older.  I’m married and there are definitely times when me and the wife fully admit to being too tired to bang.   I don’t know if this is good or bad but it’s just there.   I remember waking up at 3am for a quick pop and then right back to bed.  If I woke up at 3AM to have sex my entire next day would be ruined because of how tired I’d be.  God I am depressing.

“I’d Rather Stay Home”

I find myself saying this more than I ever used to.

Appearance Issues

There’s a reason that old men wear their pants way too high.  It’s because it’s more comfortable and they couldn’t care less what they look like.  I find myself wearing socks I never used to wear.   And I find myself wearing shirts I would never wear.  They’re just comfortable and I don’t give a shit what they look like.

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  • Natty’s Family

    For the love of god, you should just go ahead and rename this article, “Life signals that Natty has become an insufferable bitch.”

    • Natty

      That’s actually pretty funny and more or less true. Nicely done.



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