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Nov 17 2010

Pool Party Girls That I Refuse to Believe are Real

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Ah yes.  It’s time to revisit the wonderful yet completely distorted world of Las Vegas.   I simply don’t understand it.  I don’t know how on a given weekend that 300-500 girls can all be hanging out at the same pool and all have redeeming attractive qualities at the same time.  By redeeming I mean their bodies.

What the hell is going on here?  How do ALL of them afford implants?  Who are these girls?  Do they have jobs (other than being strippers)?  Do you seem them as bank tellers or grocery clerks?  I feel like Vegas has this giant basement that they’re storing robotic women in.  That has to be the answer because I don’t ever run onto these chicks on the street.

Do you?  Pics after the jump…..

Yeah like this happens every day.  Who the hell are these chicks?  Where do they all get the money for implants?

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5 responses so far

  • pedroaqui

    Dude, implants don’t cost — they pay!

  • fg

    Silicone city. I like em real…

  • roy

    That’s a whole lot of nasty!

  • http://www.carpet-cleaning-glendora.com Richard

    How much for a pair of those.

  • Richie

    There will be a whole new flock of them this spring break!



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