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Nov 16 2010

These Girls Were Hot in 1986 Philadelphia

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How awesome is this?  Seriously.  And it’s not just Philadelphia where the 80s were “happening.”   It was everywhere.  These just happen to be a photo set that I found where the style was particularly awesome and they style happened to be taking place in Philly.

I can’t believe how different we are only 25 years after this period.  I can’t believe how much it sucks now.  I can’t believe that this look was accepted back then and that men actually thought to themselves “man these chicks are hot.”

I love the 80s.  Pics after the jump

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3 responses so far

  • David

    Funny thing is that 50% of all Americans looks still like that today. Only 50Ib more meat on avarage

  • mike

    I’m glad I didn’t live in Philadelphia back then. I was a high school senior in ’86 in San Diego where the word “hot” apparently meant something different.

  • Claire

    And they’ve been told they are special from the cradle, so these days they dress in skin tight spandex that shows every ugly bump and roll on that extra 50 lbs.



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