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Nov 16 2010

Five 80s Fashion Trends I Wish Were Still in Style

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There are no bones about it.  I completely and utterly miss the 80s.   I’m not sure if it’s because that was when I was growing up and things didn’t matter or if it’s because it just looked like a happier time but I really wish I could have been in my twenties during that decade.

When you look back on it, it just seemed so weird yet “free.”  I mean there were some wacky styles then.  Speaking of wacky styles and trends, there are some that I desperately hope will make their way back into pop culture.

I doubt it’ll happen but you never know.  Here are five that I dearly miss….

Fanny Packs

As one gets older they start to care less about their appearance.  It just happens.  Like I don’t care if my socks are a little higher up or my pants are closer to my belly button.  It’s all about comfort and convenience.  A fanny pack was about the best way to store shit out there.  I do miss the fanny pack.  Sure it looks dumb but whatever.

Velcro Shoes or Sneakers

Of the five items on this list I think that Velcro has got to be on top.  Honestly I’m not sure why I don’t wear Velcro sneakers today.   Can you imagine a better product out there?  I can’t.  Seriously.   To never have to tie your shoelaces?  I’m pretty sure that whenever I have kids I’ll be raising them on Velcro.

Boom Boxes

One may not think this is a fashion trend but if you stop to analyze it, boom boxes were as much an accessory back then as a cell phone is today.  If you don’t think cell phones are fashionable then you are wrong.  It’s the same concept as a woman saying “what bag should I wear?”  People went out there and “wore” their boom box.  I miss those days.


I’m pretty sure that every single person I know who had a life in the 80s had a swatch watch.  And why the hell can’t we have them now?  I don’t need a ten thousand dollar piece of metal telling me the time.  I just don’t.

Baja Hoodies

These guys absolutely kicked ass.  Remember how awful the fabric was?  God it was terrible but they looked so cool didn’t they?  Every time I wore one I felt like this cool California dude.  I’m bringing them back, it’s settled.

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  • Paula

    Swatches were the bomb! I still have my old ones (including a couple up there in the photos). Just an FYI though, they still make Swatches. The Swatch store in Times Square takes you back to the better days of the 80s.



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