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Nov 15 2010

The Five Most Realistic Methods to Get Laid (Other Than Being Yourself)

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That people actually make money out there teaching grown men how to get laid is beyond me.  By no means am I saying it’s the easiest thing in the world to have a sexual encounter that you are responsible for.  But I am saying that men should have a little more pride and common knowledge than to spend their good hard earned money for this information.

Especially when there are plenty of realistic ways to get laid that don’t require changing your whole persona, wardrobe, and whatever the hell else these jackals will tell you.

Here are five that I wanted to share.  By no means are these “nice.”  By no means am I suggesting you do this.  I’m saying they are realistic….

The Darts Approach

In other words, lower your standards a ton.  Most guys wouldn’t do this but if you literally approached 100 girls in one night asking every single one of them “will you have sex with me?” I guarantee you that you’ll have a yes.  It might not be your favorite looking girl in the world but if your sole focus is having sex that night?  You have nothing to lose.   It’s a ballsy approach and it will work every single time.  It’s just that so few men actually try it.

Become Rich or Famous

Like I said in the title:  realistic.   You don’t have to have much of a personality to get laid when you’re loaded, in a famous rock band, are a celebrity, or are a professional athlete.  The ladies will pretty much come to you.  You’re goal here?  Keep your mouth shut and just let it happen.

Treat Girls Like Dirt

This usually works more at a young age but trust me dudes.  If you’re number one priority in life is having sex?  Then you must point out flaws in females….even if they don’t exist.  You’ve gotta be mean, relentless, and at the perfect time spark up the charm.  But remember,and this is something all these “experts” don’t say.  It’s not being “mean” per say.  It’s been cocky and snotty yet still carrying a demeanor that you CAN be nice if you want to.

Become part of a certain culture

What I mean by this is that that there are so many “groups” and fanatics out there that if you simply change yourself you can be part of one.  If you devote your life to being a goth person you’ll bang a goth chick.  If you decide to have a weird foot fetish you’ll bang a foot fetishist and so forth.  If you get weird enough then there are those weirdos that will have sex with you.


Hey it might be obvious but it’s true.  Just don’t take advantage of anyone.  Make sure you’re drunk also.

*Prostitute – Hey you wanted facts right?

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    I like the last image, is a beautiful angel sleeping to bad she is drunk :)

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    Reality… it sucks.



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