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Nov 11 2010

10 Random Crappy Things About Cold Weather

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The weather is getting colder folks.   It sucks.  I don’t care which way you cut it.  Winter is on its way and I am not a happy camper.   Sure I like the leaves changing in fall.   I don’t mind the temperature being in the 50s.  It’s cute for a while.

But once we start hitting the 40′s, 30′s, and down on into the teens I’m gonna be one pissed off monkey.  Speaking of pissed off.

Here are 10 random crappy things about cold weather…..

1.  The overall crustiness one feels

It’s just a dry, crusty, and frankly an “assy” feeling to have.  I think all of you know what I’m talking about here.  There’s very little moisture and your skin gets all flaky.  You just look and feel like crap more.

2.  Having Frozen feet and nothing else

What the hell is that all about?  Why do the feet stay freezing when the rest of my body is fine?  Plus I can never get to sleep when my feet are this cold.  God that sucks.

3.  It’s just an angrier time

Think about how much more pissed you get when it’s cold than when it’s hot.   It’s not just psychological but it’s physical as well.  Cold weather just messes with you man.  It sucks.  Period.

4.  Being Hit in the Face With a Snowball

Talk about an uncomfortable feeling.  God I hate that.

5.  The Flu

It’s one thing to be sick as a kid.  It’s another to be sick as an adult and frankly it sucks.  Having the flu absolutely blows.   It’s pretty close to feeling what I would imagine death to be.

6.  Frozen Car Doors/Cars

How much does it blow to just sit and your car to wait for it to warm up?  That and when your car door freezes and you can’t get in.   It just means everything in your life is delayed.  It friggin’ sucks.

7.  Being Pale

I don’t care which way you cut it.  Being pale absolutely blows.  All your dark hairs show more and you just look uglier.  There’s no other way to describe this crappiness.

8.  A Giant Wind blowing your way

Don’t you just love the windchill factor?  Talk about making you angry.  Wind sucks in general.  Cold wind is brutal.

9.  Shoveling

Who in the hell wants to shovel snow?  If you don’t have a snow blower then your life is absolute hell for a couple months.  I always feel like I injure myself doing that.

10. Bringing Jackets Everywhere

I absolutely despise having to wear a jacket in a bar or any other place.  It’s just such a pain in the ass.

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  • nightmare


  • kilroz

    80 here in fl

  • mrJ

    1. Dry air helps immune system to figth with a lot of diseases.
    2. many times ago proples invite a warm closing and footwear
    3. Not true
    4. For the Hit in the Face With a Snowball, we put hooligans on the feed for the bears
    5. It’s a well known fact: cold weather stops the spreading of flu

  • mrJ

    6. After carwash you ougth to dry door locks and use a winter type of oil
    7.paleness is a sign of aristocracy
    8 It’s not so giaint like tornado
    9 Shoveling – it’s a useful replacement of fitness and other wste of time of time in gym
    10 fighting in jacket less traumatic



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