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Nov 10 2010

The Very First, Very WTF McDonald’s Commercial

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Behold, the rarely seen first ever commercial for McDonald’s, and the first appearance of Ronald McDonald who it’s hard to believe is actually 10x creepier then than he is now. For some reason, they thought it would be a good idea for him to have an entire tray of food on his head, and if I saw this ad I would be seriously worried he would show up to my house at night while I was sleeping.

I will credit them for not having inflated imagery of their food like every damn fast food chain does now. It actually looks how it looks when you get it. Shitty and flat. But it tastes OK though.

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  • Martsoman

    What’s even creepier, is that I am pretty sure that was Willard Scott (the weathman on the Today show) that played Ronald McDonald.



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