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Nov 04 2010

Five High School “Firsts” You’ll Never Forget

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When you are older there are some major “firsts” that you never forget.   The biggest ones that come to mind are the first time you get married (haha), the first time you become a parent, the first time you become a grandparent, the first time you own a home, etc etc.  These are common and most certainly unforgettable things.

But when you reflect back on your younger days it’s not all that easy to remember things that happened for the first time in your life.   However, there are certainly a few.

In fact, here are five things I’ll never forget happening for the first time while I was in high school…..

First Time Getting Drunk

Ugh.  What a terrible memory this one is for me.  I remember how much I didn’t like beer.  I was 15 and beer was nasty…that is until I discovered Coors Light.  But being there were only Budweiser cans at this party I remember checking the house to see that there was cooking wine and cranberry juice.  Yup, that was the first time I got drunk.  It was on cooking wine and cranberry juice.  Everything since then is a blur.

First Time Smoking Pot

I’ll never forget it because I never felt it.  Then again I should have switched the title to the first time getting high.  That I’ll never forget.  It was at a park near my house and I remember walking and how weird it felt just to be walking.  It was like the sidewalk just kept moving on by.  Very hard to explain but I’ll never forget it.

Losing Your Virginity

Unfortunately for me I didn’t pop my cherry until college.  Fortunately I lost my virginity to a high school girl so I guess it kind of half way counts for me.

First Day of Your First Real Job

Most people have their first taste of the working world while in their high school years.  It’s a rite of passage for parents to tell their kids to get a summer job or something like that.  I was a bus boy at the age of 14 at my favorite restaurant near my house.  I use to ride my bike there.  I lasted all of 3 weeks and we never went to that restaurant again.

First Day Your Drove with Your License

I’ll never forget heading to school in my 1985 300ZX.  I couldn’t have felt any cooler than on that day.

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