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Nov 03 2010

Four Year Old Kicked Out of Kindergarten for Long Hair, But That’s Not All

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With this picture, somehow I just picture him saying “You got it, dude!”

A four year old boy has been banned from Kindergarten because he grew his hair long. Stupid enough as is, but wait until you hear the reason WHY he was growing his hair so long.

Renee Szablewski is a good, churchgoing Catholic. She wants her 4-year-old son, Jack, to grow up to be one, too.

That’s why Szablewski was so upset last month with St. Dominic, a parochial school in Brick, N.J. The principal at the school barred Jack from his pre-kindergarten class because his hair was too long.

“That’s Christian? That’s Catholic?” Szablewski fumed during a telephone interview with TODAYshow.com Monday.

Jack’s early lesson in how tough life can be actually began when at the tender age of 16 months, his grandfather died of lung cancer. Renee Szablewski decided to honor her father by letting her son’s hair grow out so that he could donate his locks to be used in wigs for children who lose their own hair to cancer radiation treatment.

Yup, he was planning on donating his long hair to make wigs for sick kids, the school new this and they banned him anyways. Didn’t Samson grow long hair in the Bible and was made powerless when it was cut? Why Catholics always gotta be making stuff up?

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One response so far

  • Jochen

    Just when I thought I heard all crazy stuff …

    Wasn’t there something about equal rights? Everyone has to be treated the same, no matter what race, gender, religion or hair length he or she has …

    By the way, did the kindergarten ever explain why he got kicked out? I mean, did they fear that he could kill someone with his long hairs?

    That is just so stupid. And then: when people think about someone like Jesus and his disciples, most people think about guys with long hair.

    If this kid would be my son, I would tell the kindergarten to f..k off and die – and I would get my son a t-shirt that would fit to his hairstyle, like for example a “Slayer” Shirt or “Motörhead” or another Heavy Metal Band-Shirt.



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