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Nov 02 2010

Chicks Who Are Just Down To Party

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I’ve discussed this before and I’ll probably be discussing it for the rest of my life.  How amazing is college?  I mean seriously.  What the hell?  I guess I’m in one of those nostalgic moods today but come on.  How often do you ever see a female in a picture like this?  Clearly it’s when she’s in college.

I’m starting to get very upset right now because I’m sitting here typing this and not running out to get beer for the party that will take place later.  Oh yeah that’s right!  I’m stuck here in an office on Long Island doing nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

I hate myself.  But I do love these chicks….

I’m not sure what I’d give for one more year in college but I’m pretty sure that if my bank account had $500,000 in it, I would give up $400,000 of it.  Yup, I’m positive.

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