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Nov 02 2010

Just the Tip Tuesday: Arianny Celeste Video, The Wrong Books, and Sexy Psycho Girlfriends

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Click on the photo for an awesome Arianny Celeste Video

As you all know Arianny Celeste finally appeared in Playboy.  No I’m not sharing any naked stuff but you’ll want to see the video I linked to up top.  It’s quite enjoyable.  My day is ruined.

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The Tips

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The worst business names you can imagine – [Nedhardy]

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Britney Spears is just like Ducky – [Cityrag]

A tribute to the Neverending Story Falcor – [Gunaxin]

Heidi Klum looked hot on Conan’s old show – [Don Chavez]

Men’s restroom etiquette visual guide – [Icanhasinternets]

Now this is a very strange cross dresser – [Izismile]

How to tell if you’ve been cheated on – [Holytaco]

Whoa re the ten biggest potheads in baseball? – [COED Magazine]

Thirty loveable animals waving hello – [Top Cultured]

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