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Nov 01 2010

I Never Knew Bow Ties Could be So Sexy

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Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean we have to stop showing girls in outfits they wouldn’t normally wear does it?  Yeah I didn’t think so.  It’s pretty evident that if you slap up a pretty face and a pretty outfit you can pretty much guarantee yourself some eyeballs on a website.

Let that be a lesson to you new bloggers!  T & A gets it done.   Actually it makes you no money though.  Just remember that when you’re wondering why you have all this traffic and not a cent coming in.

OK now that I’m done with lessons in revenue from blogging let get to some girls in bow ties shall we?  Great!

Awwww.  And look!  There are bow ties on the legs too.  Isn’t that such a treat?  You see.?  Run of the mill bow ties ain’t gonna cut it on the females.  You need something special.

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