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Nov 01 2010

A Gallery to Appreciate Military Medics

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I’m not the most patriotic person in the world.  Hell I don’t support war at least 99% of the time.  But it doesn’t mean I don’t feel for the soldiers that travel abroad to do their jobs.  While I may not agree that the jobs should be done, nevertheless these people are there and most of them volunteered to serve.  And for that I think all of us should be grateful.

Today in particular I came across some amazing pictures of one particular type of soldier who I think must have one of the toughest jobs out there:  the medic.  Think about how much pressure they must be under to not only rescue in injured soldier or victim but do all of this under gunfire.

Check out the gallery after the jump….

This picture says it all.  I can’t imagine the stress these people must endure on a daily basis.  Knowing that you have to be on call 24/7 and also know that you can’t possibly save anyone.  It’s heart wrenching.

Military Medics in Action

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