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Nov 30 2010

Sexy Brunette Celebrities Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more sexy brunette celebs

For whatever reasons they choose, celebrities change their hair color all the time.  Maybe it’s to keep fresh.  Maybe it’s so they don’t have the stigma of being a dumb blond.  Whatever.  Who cares?  As long as they’re hot.

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Nov 30 2010

20 Awesome Wooden Sculptures

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I wish I had an interesting hobby.  I guess you could say playing piano is something I do that would be considered a hobby.  But there’s a part of me that wants to be able to build stuff.  I guess you could say I build websites.

OK I have no idea what I’m talking about at all.  I just know there are some people that are super talented that can make art out of just about anything.

Take these wooden sculptures for example….

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Nov 30 2010

Kid Googles Himself to Find He’s Accused of Murder

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“The internet is written in ink” - The Social Network

Unfortunately, that was true for one young man who was innocently Googling himself only to discover he had been accused of murder. Because of a typo.

Investigators originally released a driver’s license photo of Zachary Garcia — spelled with an “A” — but it was Zachery Garcia — spelled with an “E” — who was charged in connection with the crime.

On September 23, authorities say two teenaged boys broke into a home in Davenport, while two other teens waited outside. One of the homeowners, Jose Oyola-Aponte, was able to grab his gun and shot one of the burglars, 15-year-old Otilio Rubio.He later died.

“I was just very shocked to find my picture and the article saying that I was convicted of a felony murder charge,” he said, “and I was just very shocked and angry that someone put my name up there and said I did something I didn’t do.”

“Everybody makes mistakes,” Garcia added. “I work at Publix and I might get somebody’s sub (order) wrong. But for somebody to get (the photo of a suspect) wrong…it’s not a sandwich, it’s somebody’s life you’re playing with.”

Did you hear that? He just admittted to MESSING UP PEOPLE’S SUB ORDERS! And now that’s on the internet FOREVER! Has he learned nothing from all this?

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Nov 30 2010

She’s Uncoachable: Little Sis Marie Ange Casta Ain’t So Bad

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I would imagine it’s gotta be somewhat of a difficult situation being the sister of a supermodel.  Well this is of course you are quite attractive yourself.  While Marie Ange Casta isn’t quite as spectacular as big sister Laetitia she’s certainly no slouch.

I think she carries the same breast gene.  Unfortunately her face isn’t as good but whatever.  I sure as hell wouldn’t shy away from a date with her.  Yeah, like she’d be going out with a perverted 31 year old.  Whatever.

More of Marie after the jump….

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Nov 30 2010

What You Might Call “Handicapable”

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I’ve heard some people say “oh this kid’s probably not even handicapped.” What? Are you serious? Would that make this any less impressive? Look at what he’s doing there!

I don’t know any further background here, but I assumed this kid does have a disability, and he’s making the best of it by being completely awesome.

Not pictured are the 456 attempts before this where he totally bit it.

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Nov 30 2010

How Many Drugs is This Girl On and Where Can I Get Some?

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This girl is in a magical land all her own, due to a copious amount of drugs she’s taken. She’s the life of the party, and having a grand old time, but I doubt she thought she’d end up YouTube famous because of it.

Her writhing around in the shallow end if funny enough, but eventually gets up and has a full-on solo dance party. What do you think? Mushrooms? X? Both? Lots and lots of both? Yeah, that’s my guess too.

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Nov 30 2010

Costumes Always Look Better From Facebook

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Each year that goes by the easier it is to differentiate the big social networks.  Let’s take two of the biggest for example.  You’ve got Myspace and you’ve got Facebook.  Clearly Facebook is the bigger one while Myspace is behind in the members department (even though it makes 400MM a year).

While the sites are different one aspect that has seems to merge over the years is the lady department.  Both sites are great channels to see regular everyday females getting kind of slutty for us.

Who needs Halloween when sexy girls dress up all year around?

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Nov 30 2010

Five of The Worst People You Can Ride on a Train With

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Just the other day I had a horrifying experience and obvious reminder why commuting by train is one of the worst things ever.   Well it’s horrible when the commute is over an hour.  Even so it definitely sucks regardless of what the situation is.

And in case you need reminders, one of the most sobering ones is the people you’ll be riding the train with.

Here are five that absolutely suck….

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Nov 30 2010

Just the Tip Tuesday: Girls with Drinks, One Man Rampages, and He-Man Sings

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Click on the photo for more girls with drinks

I think it’s a pretty well established fact that us dudes enjoy watching women with stuff in their mouths.   Doesn’t really matter what the object is, as long as it’s making us think of you know…stuff.    So clearly drinks in hand and in mouth help me greatly.

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The Tips

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Nov 29 2010

Meddy Ford Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of Meddy Ford

In case you don’t know.  Meddy is a British glamour model and is apparently some kind of ball breaker.  So she’s got that going for her….which is nice.  Other than that I got nothing here.  I’d like to spend time with Meddy.  Yay!

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