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Oct 29 2010

Four Things Women Legitimately Care About But Shouldn’t

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I love my wife to no end but I must admit that for as long as we’ve known each other and as long as we’ll be together there are some things that I simply can’t process about her.  I mean I guess there’s little things like being afraid of spiders yet still having the courage to pluck out eyebrow hairs (I got that from Seinfeld).

But in overall terms there’s some bigger picture things that perplex me to no end.   I’m sure there are more out there but I’m thinking of four specific things that I feel many women care about way too much but they simply shouldn’t…..

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Oct 29 2010

Friday’s Funbag: Sexiest Vampire Show, Useless Skymall Products, and Don’t Mess with This Dude

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Click on the photo for the sexiest vampire show ever

If you ever get the chance to visit Bucharest then I think you should probably go to a place called Le Gaga.  Not, not Lady Gaga.  Le Gaga.  Here they host a vampire show that you would surely want to attend.

More things I want to attend at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Funbag

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Oct 28 2010

Hometown Hotties Voting Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo to vote for the newest Maxim Hometown Hottie

They are out there.  They are out there more than you can possibly know.  In a bank.  In a grocery store.   Chilling at the library.  You just never know where the most beautiful undiscovered women may lie.  I wish it were in my bed.  Ba dum ching!

More undiscovered greatness at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Portfolio

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Oct 28 2010

The Power of Chinese Social Networking

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By now we all know most of the pros and cons to social networking.  For the most part it seems as though social networking is a good thing.  It’s a chance to be connected, to re-connect, and to stay connected to friends, family, and business associates.   You can meet new people, make new partnerships, and expand your personal “network.”

But that doesn’t mean there’s some weird ass people lurking about.  I think we all know this by now.  And it isn’t just here in our own country.  Oh boy it’s not just us.

If you look at other countries, I think there might be people that are even weirder than ours.  Let’s take China for example….

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Oct 28 2010

Relationship Advice: Don’t Waterboard Your Girlfriend

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You know, some things really should go without saying, but waterboarding your girlfriend if you suspect of cheating on you should not be on that list. It doesn’t work on terrorists, it probably won’t work on her.

Lincoln Police say Trevor Case has been charged with false imprisonment, domestic assault and making terroristic threats.  Investigators say the 22 year old woman told officers that Case confronted her Saturday morning when she got home from work and accused her of being with someone else.

The woman told police Case bound her wrists, tied her to a couch and stuffed socks in her mouth. She said he then put a shirt over her head and poured water over it, creating the sensation of drowning. Police say the woman was able to twist free. The report says her wrists were bruised and swollen.

What’s not reported is if the torture tactic work, as if it had police probably would have seen a rash of copycat crimes from overly jealous boyfriends. Next time just you know, ask her. If all else fails, hire a P.I.

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Oct 28 2010

She’s Uncoachable: I’m So Happy With Jessica Joy

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I have to admit I think I’m taking crazy pills.  How in the world have I not posted Jessica Joy yet?  I’m pretty damned sure I did but whatever.  I think I could put pictures of her up every single day for a year and none of you guys would mind.

I tell ya there are times when I’m quite thankful that a magazine like Playboy is still around.  That’s one media outlet I’m truly rooting for.  Back to Jessica.  Oh yeah, joy.  There’s nothing but that on this side of the room, let me tell you.

More pics after the jump….

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Oct 28 2010

I Don’t Understand Cyborg Slave Leia

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OK so look, I understand the need to not want to be the same kind of Slave Leia that a million other girls have been before. You want to stand out on Halloween after all. But I don’t really understand the direction this girl has taken, combining two admittedly excellent sci-fi films, Star Wars and Terminator into one WTF costume that I can’t really call hot. Well, maybe if I don’t look at the eye.

If you’re going for bionic Leia, at least go all out. I’m talking missing skin patches to reveal metal, a robotic arm, the works. Don’t just half ass it with a lopsided aluminum eye!

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Oct 28 2010

Japan is Better at Everything, Including Peeling Potatoes

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Damn it Japan! Can’t you just chill out for two seconds and stop being so awesome and innovative all the time? I was fine with peeling potatoes the old fashioned way we’ve been doing it since the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, but now you have to come along with your fancy technique and put us all to shame.

The jist of it is that if you put a potato in ice water, something has it so the skins just slides right off. Just like humans! Errr, I mean. Don’t look in my basement.

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Oct 28 2010

A Collection of Sexy 2010 MLB Playoff Fans

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It’s been a hell of a playoffs thus far in 2010.  We’ve had some timely hits, amazing pitching, and most importantly a whole host of sexy chicks to come out of the wood work.  Even though I can’t stand watching sports with females, one of my favorite things to see at a ballpark are the hotties who love to look cute in their favorite team attire.

I swear to God it never fails.  Anytime a chick can wear a “costume” she’s always game and she’ll always slut it up just a tad.  Now even though the “fans” I’m about to share with didn’t have these photos taken at games they are the exact types I’m referring to.

With all eight teams represented, here are some sexy chicks that donned playoff team gear

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Oct 28 2010

Seven Candies That Bring Back Memories of Childhood

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With Halloween just around the corner I have to prepare my home for all the little trick-or- treater’s around my neighborhood.   And given I don’t really eat candy that much anymore our preparations for our candy bowl are seriously bringing back some memories for me.

I mean as an adult you always see your staple candies out there.  You know, stuff like Snickers, Twix, Almond Joy, Baby Ruth, etc etc.  But there are specific candies I remember eating as a kid that just don’t seem to crop up as an adult.

Here are seven that I miss dearly…..

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