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Oct 29 2010

Four Things Women Legitimately Care About But Shouldn’t

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I love my wife to no end but I must admit that for as long as we’ve known each other and as long as we’ll be together there are some things that I simply can’t process about her.  I mean I guess there’s little things like being afraid of spiders yet still having the courage to pluck out eyebrow hairs (I got that from Seinfeld).

But in overall terms there’s some bigger picture things that perplex me to no end.   I’m sure there are more out there but I’m thinking of four specific things that I feel many women care about way too much but they simply shouldn’t…..

People’s Lives Who They Don’t Know Personally

I’m specifically talking about celebrities.  For example my wife was legitimately affected when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split up.  I mean there’s something severely wrong with that.  It’s one thing to be upset when a world leader is assassinated or a famous actor dies.  It’s another to get pissed off over happenings in people’s lives who don’t give a shit about you.   Chicks legitimately care about this celebrity crap.  I don’t get it.

If They Wore the Same Outfit a Month Ago

Who in the hell gives a rat’s ass?  I swear to God my wife has actually asked me this at least 10 times.  We’ll be going to some party and she wonders if she wore “that” outfit last month just in case we’ll be seeing the same people.  Holy dogshit.  Does it matter?  I’m pretty sure I’ve had at least 20 shirts for 15 years now.

Saving Money on Insignificant Items

Now I’m all for saving money and I’m well aware that a little here and a little there can go a very long way.  However, if it’s a case of spending an extra 15 minutes at the supermarket griping about a 15 cent coupon for Tuna then that’s where I draw the line.  I save 1000s of dollars a year on “real” things and my wife is bitching about pasta.   And she’ll get really pissed too.  Only a woman could have a brain that functions this way.  I don’t get it.

If Their Purse Matches Their Outfit

Again ladies.  These are things you just don’t want to bring up with your man.  Who in the hell cares about a purse matching your clothing?  Since when are purses pieces of clothing?  I guess since now.   I’m pretty sure I’m not going to buy a wallet based on whether or not it matches my belt.  There are some things not worth putting the energy into.

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3 responses so far

  • http://www.youarenotafitperson.com Mark Vaughan

    Although I do not select my wallet to match my belt, I know it will. I know this because both are black. There are no colors selection process for either of these things…

  • Jordie

    I’m a woman and I don’t care about these things…

  • Mercedes

    Wow… sexist much?? I’m pretty sure your wife isn’t thrilled when you get all pissed off cause your sports team lost, and maybe if you took the time to update your wardrobe and be stylish, you might get laid more. Just so you know, when we get all gung-ho about our coupons or a good deal at the store, we do it for 2 reasons: 1. We genuinely enjoy shopping, and therefore appreciate a discounted item, especially if it means we can buy more items with the money we save, and 2. We know how much you hate the fact we spend so much money, so we think that if we are able to save some, you might actually appreciate the effort. As for the celebrities, we get so involved because these people represent the lifestyle we wish we had, and when something happens that affects that adversely, we see it as our dreams being destroyed.



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