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Oct 28 2010

Seven Candies That Bring Back Memories of Childhood

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With Halloween just around the corner I have to prepare my home for all the little trick-or- treater’s around my neighborhood.   And given I don’t really eat candy that much anymore our preparations for our candy bowl are seriously bringing back some memories for me.

I mean as an adult you always see your staple candies out there.  You know, stuff like Snickers, Twix, Almond Joy, Baby Ruth, etc etc.  But there are specific candies I remember eating as a kid that just don’t seem to crop up as an adult.

Here are seven that I miss dearly…..

Fun Dip

How awesome was Fun Dip?  It was a white edible sugar stick that scooped up….sugar.  Of course the sugars were flavored and different colors.  I used to love the green one.  I think that was lime.  If I recall there was orange, red, purple, and green right?  God, talk about a sugar rush.  That stuff was awesome.

Big League Chew/Double Bubble

I know most consider this gum, which it is, but let’s not forget that this stuff is candy.  If not then why the hell give it out on Halloween?  Talk about  sugar.  Remember trying to get an entire packet of Big League Chew in your mouth?  I miss the texture of those gum slices.   Double Bubble is the stuff I used to get at my hair cut guy.

Tootsie Rolls

I’m talking about the little guys.  I remember getting at least 50 of these on Halloween when I was a kid.  Nowadays I feel like I barely see Tootsie Rolls.  That’s a shame

Pixy Stix/Straws

Do they even sell these anymore?  These were straws filled with flavored sugar.  You’d think the damned thing was a line of cocaine. Talk about getting a sugar rush.  These things put you on the roof.


It was the wrapper that I loved.  That and the ridiculous taste.  Wow these were good.

Charleston Chew

Remember putting these in the freezer?  Man that was the best.   I remember how much of a bonus it was when I got a big one for Halloween.  You usually got the little party sized ones.

100 Grand Bars

Crunches with chocolate and caramel?  Ridiculous.  These were like crunchy Rolo bars.  Awesome.

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