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Oct 27 2010

Five Unlikely Goals I’d Like to Reach Before I Die

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As a man who has grown up considerably in the last five years, my standards have changed.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t aspire to achieve great things.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t like the finer things in life.  But it does mean I’m becoming aware of what’s important to me and what truly matters in life.

However, I can’t say there aren’t times where I still day dream.  There are those times (like right this second) where I’m thinking to myself “if only this could happen things would be alright.”    And then there are those times where I’m dreaming up ludicrous things.   Things that I believe most males would love to have happen at least once.

Here are my five…..

Have a House on Every Continent

Is that so much to ask?  I mean seriously.  How awesome would it be to know you have a house in most vacation spots you would travel to?  If there’s one goal in life I think I can pull off, this might be one of them.  Well, Antarctica might be a little tough but come on, I can do it!   Actually I’d like to have a house in a few places and that’d be fine with me:  Hawaii, Europe, and Fiji.

Have Sex with Every Single Victoria’s Secret Model

I think I’d need the wife’s permission on this one.  However, I think that if the owner of Victoria’s secret came up to me and said I could actually do this?  My wife would definitely understand.  I mean come on honey, you’re awesome.  I know you’d forgive me.

Have a Son Who Becomes a Pro Athlete

Did I say the house thing was the most likely?  Eh, maybe this one is.  But given my wife is 5’0 tall with zero athletic ability this might be a tough one to pull off.  Then again I have no qualms about riding my son until his teeth fall out in terms of busting his ass at whatever sport he chooses.    I don’t even have kids.  What the hell am I talking about?

Perform in Front of Fifty Thousand Screaming Fans

Ever go to a Pearl Jam or U2 concert?  Two very different bands I know but the electricity in the crowd is somewhat similar.   I can’t imagine the rush these guys get when they’re on stage.  It’s gotta be some kind of an addiction.  I would love to have that feeling just once.

Go To College One More Time

I think this is the dream of every man that has gone to college ever.

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2 responses so far

  • Mad Hiddy

    ya. unfortunately college isn’t like that at alll.

  • RetroViruses

    …I don’t know what college you went to, man, but some of them are…I got lucky with my choice…



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