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Oct 26 2010

The Five Criteria a Male Should Use to Choose a College

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Knowing what I know now I realize that my college choice made zero impact on the career I have today.  However I will say that it definitely shaped me culturally.   I’m a Long Island Jewish kid who went to a college in New Orleans and I joined a southern fraternity.  I mean it doesn’t get more diverse than that.   And if it weren’t for that experience I don’t think I’d be who I am today…whatever that is.

However, having been 10 years removed from the college experience, if I could go back in time I would make my college choice based on five main ingredients.

And here they are….

Go Where the Hottest Girls Are

At no other time in your life will you have the chance to have sex with attractive females more so than in college.  It’s a fact.  Plain and simple.  It just won’t exist for you unless you become filthy rich.  That’s like the only other scenario where you’ll have that opportunity.  So if it’s a choice between ASU and Harvard?  I’m taking ASU.    Remember you have to combine all five criteria.

Best Chance to Land a Good Job

I am not like most people.  I work for myself.  However, if you are in the majority you work for some kind of company.  There are lots of colleges (that don’t have to be ivy league) that are great springboards to landing an awesome job.  Find them.

Best Party School

This one goes without saying but come on.  Great party schools means you save money on alcohol and also means…..drunk chicks.  Come on guys.  If you’re not in the know then you’re an idiot.

Best Sports Schools

I never really got to experience that team unity factor but I have a brother in law who went to Michigan and that’s something that will bind him to every single Michigan student for the rest of his life.  I mean die hard sports schools create some pretty cool ties if you ask me.

Overall Life Experience

If it were me?  I’d go to a place completely different from where i grew up.  It makes sense to learn as much as you can and become part of something that can open your mind to new experiences and cultures.  I came from the north and took off for the south.  Where will you go?

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